I’ve been playing with ideas in terms of writing about some Progressive Web App guidelines at one point in the future, but I thought I’d first tackle what a Progressive Web App really is, especially since it’s a topic which has come up more than once in Front End interview sessions I’ve recently been participating in.

After part 1 and part 2 of our Angular 5 Quickstart journey we actually have a functional little app, which displays a list of JavaScript trivia. We’ll use this third part of the tutorial to make that even more flexible, and to add some extra bits of functionality.

Fiery debates over TDD approaches and unit testing strategies loom over many technical interviews, pull request reviews and around the water cooler in countless open-plan offices across the industry. We’re passionate about this and we want everybody else to know it.

The focus of today’s post is builds on top of our JavaScript scope knowledge, and introduces the concept of hoisting. Not only is it an important aspect of the language, but also a constant presence in JavaScript interview questionnaires.

Recently I’ve been looking over some JavaScript basics. Time and again it seems to me that there are several sophisticated concepts of the language which seem to constantly elude developers’ grasp, and Scope tends to be one of the little nuggets always cropping up on that tricky list.